Aim: Provide high quality cricket experience which is fun and provides a high level of technical training to develop players skills in a safe environment.


Registration usually opens in August; more information can be found here here. And the link to the online rego HERE.
Registration closed Sunday 18th September 2022 last season, this is so that we are able to compile the teams and advise players, managers, and coaches prior to the start of the season. After this date, we will not be able to guarantee a place in teams.
  • After registrations close, we start creating the teams.
  • This takes a couple of weeks.
  • Once the teams have been put together, we start contacting Team Managers.
  • If you have put your hand up to help, you will hear from us towards the end of September.
  • Once the Managers have their teams, they will make contact with you directly.
  • Teams usually get announced on Monday of the 2nd week of the School Holidays in October
  • We do get a few registrations after the deadline and we really do not like to turn players away so will do our best to fit you in.
  • We cannot guarantee placement in your preferred team.
  • Please contact Mandie here.
  • The Christchurch Junior Cricket Association runs Junior cricket in Christchurch.
  • The detail of the grades available can be found here:
    • Have-a-Go is run in Term 4 & Term 1 (Year 0 & 1): Friday 5.45-6.30pm at Elmwood Park, aimed at children who have not played cricket before as introduction to the basic skills of fielding, batting and bowling using a range of fun activities.
    • Elmwood Kiwi (Year 1 & 2): Saturday 8.45-10.30 approx at Elmwood Park. This is run directly by the Club as the first opportunity to play in teams and develop skills. 30mins of skills followed by mini cricket games played on a short pitch using plastic equipment and a plastic ball. Players bat in pairs and everyone bowls. If a player is out (caught, bowled or runout) they keep batting, but the fielding teams gets bonus runs. If a no ball or wide is bowled the batter gets to score runs by hitting a ball off a tee.
    • CJCA Kiwi (Year 2): Games Saturdays 9am-10.30am approx and coaching during the week. This is aimed at players who have already participated in the Elmwood Kiwi grade the season before. The games are similar to above but against other clubs and at venues near Elmwood Park.
    • 16/16 (Year 3 & 4 primarily): Games Saturday 9.30am-11.30am approx and coaching during the week. Games are played on a short pitch using plastic and wooden equipment and a light rubber ball. Players bat in pairs (facing the same number of balls) and everyone bowls a minimum of 2 over’s. If a player is out (caught, bowled or runout) they keep batting but the fielding teams gets bonus runs. If a no ball or wide is bowled the batter gets to score runs by hitting a ball off a tee.
    • Year 5 Soft Ball or Hard Ball: Games Saturday 9-11am played on an intermediate artificial length pitches using full cricket gear including pads and helmets (compulsory). Batsmen are replaced when they have faced 18 balls and can only return once all other batsmen previously out have had two returns to face their 18 balls. A retired batter may face up to 10 extra balls before they retire again. A heavier rubber ball is used for Soft Ball and a leather ball is used for Hard Ball.
    • Year 6, 7 & 8: ​​​​​​​These grades follow a graduated progression to fully traditional cricket (longer innings, more batting before a player retires, no free hits off cones etc).
    • Girls only grades available at Yr3/4, Yr5/6 and Yr7/8. All other grades are mixed.
Subs help to cover the costs of affiliations to CJCA, Metro Cricket and The Elmwood Club, maintenance of pitches, net facilities and the pavilion, team gear bags and balls, administration to run the junior club & weekly professional coaching of all teams provided by Coaching Solutions which is not provided by other clubs.
Grade Subs
Have a Go Term4 $50
Elmwood Kiwi $160
T16 Yr3/4 & CJCA Kiwi $180
Yr5-Yr7 $200
Yr8/Half season $120
  • We offer a multi family member discount on subs for families that have more than one child registering to play a full season for OBC junior teams. When you register a 2nd member you will be offered 20% discount.
  • If the cost of subs is an issue please contact Mandie here to discuss options.
  • When you complete your online registration you will be asked to make your subs payment.
  • If subs are a barrier to playing please contact Mandie here to discuss options
  • In the 2022-23 season OBC has 44 junior teams, plus a Have A Go programme.
  • We do not select teams from Yr0-6. Generally these younger teams are by player choice and keeping previous season’s team mates, school mates and friends together where possible. New players are integrated into teams of similar age and experience.
  • Only Yr7 and Yr8s trial for our top mixed grade team. If you make this team the games are played in the afternoon.
  • Yes. When they are younger (Yr0-4) girls generally play in mixed teams. As they get older, they often play in girl-only teams, but all other grades are mixed.
  • Last season teams were announced on the website 10th October 2022
  • The first games of this season are 13th/14th October 2023
  • The last game of the season is 16th March 2024
  • Elmwood Park, Heaton Street, Papanui
  • Have A Go and Elmwood Kiwi are run by the club at our home, Elmwood Park.
  • Kiwi and 16/16 are played on grass at our home ground or at other grounds near to Elmwood.
  • From Year 5 games are played on artificial pitches so are often at primary schools around Christchurch.
  • Trainings are at Elmwood Park.
  • Hardball teams will have some access to the new nets facilities.
  • All teams have a weekly coaching session with one of our professional club coaches.
  • Once we know the teams we will look to plan in all the teams coaching sessions
  • Usually training times are confirmed by the 9th October and starts on the 16th October.
  • The draw gets posted the Tuesday before the game. Your team manager will contact you or you can check:
  • Year 8 boys will play for the club October until December. Girls stay with the club right through junior, youth and senior's
  • In the New Year they will leave the club and play for High Schools or North West Youth.
  • Please enquire if your High School do not provide Youth cricket.
  • Check the facebook page for all the updates and news
  • Adult supervision is required for all Junior players at games but not at trainings during the week.
  • Also every team needs a parent volunteer to help run the games.  So we certainly need some parents to put up there hand to help otherwise we cannot provide teams for players to play in. You don’t need a great knowledge of cricket to help. Initially its more about providing a safe and fun environment.
  • There are different rules for each Grade. The latest rules can be found on the Christchurch Junior Cricket Association website:
  • OBC uniform supplier is Cricket Express, 37 Mandeville Street, Riccarton, Christchurch
  • <a href="
  • OBC Club Polo Shirts –  All players wear the OBC Junior playing polo shirt
  • OBC Caps, Hats, & Tracksuits –  Optional
  • White pants (Girls can wear Navy or Black if they wish) required for hardball & S8 grades. Plain white or navy shorts are fine for all other grades
  • Each team will have a club gear bag provide with all the basic gear needed for the grade
  • Boys will require a personal box protector from Super8-Yr8. These can be purchase from most sports suppliers.
  • Your are welcome to purchase personal equipment. We recommend going to Cricket Express
  • Helmets are compulsory from Yr5.
  • We suggest looking on TradeMe.
  • We might also be able to provide some 2nd hand uniform during the Pre-season School holidays if available.
  • Yes the club coaches also offer 121 coaching. Please contact Mandie here.
  • We usually offer Pre-season, Xmas and New Year holiday programmes. please see the website for more details:
  • Being a non profit organisation the club requires sponsors, please contact Mandie here.
  • The club is always looking for volunteers, please contact Mandie here.
  • Please send any further questions you have here.
Terms and Conditions Old Boys Collegians and its officers, contractors, employees will not be liable for any physical injury or physical event you may experience or suffer, or for any other property damage whatsoever arising from your participation. All liability is excluded, and you participate at your own risk. We recommend and advise you to seek professional medical advice for yourself or your child regarding your physical capabilities and constraints before participating in any Old Boys Collegians programme or event. Once services are confirmed you are then committing to ensure payment is made in a timely manner. From time to time photos/videos will be taken by officials. If you prefer not to give permission for this please contact us Database information will be used by Old Boys Collegians to compile a membership list for communication. We may be requested by various organisations to have access to the members list for the purpose of mailing out related information. If you wish for your details not to be passed on, please contact us. Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club has a “No Pay, No Play” policy. Please also note refunds can only be given prior to the start of the first game of the season and will incur an admin fee up to $40 per refund. All players, umpires, managers, coaches, parents and spectators should: • Respect the rules • Respect the officials and accept their decisions • Respect the opponent • Have a concern for equal opportunity • Be gracious winners and dignified losers AS PLAYERS • Co-operate with others and treat them with respect • Have fun, develop your own skills while accepting your limits • Know the rules and don’t cheat • Accept the Umpire’s decision without dissent, even if you do not think they are right • Don’t use coarse language AS PARENTS AND SPECTATORS • Never force children to participate – only encourage • Don’t achieve your dreams by pressurising a child • Talk to your child/player in an encouraging way. Are they having fun? • Are they learning that being fair and developing new skills are important? • Do not encroach onto the playing area Please note: Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the session, temporary initially or permanently for repeat offences for the benefit of others.