Terms and Conditions

Old Boys Collegians and its officers, contractors, employees will not be liable for any physical injury or physical event you may experience or suffer, or for any other property damage whatsoever arising from your participation. All liability is excluded, and you participate at your own risk. We recommend and advise you to seek professional medical advice for yourself or your child regarding your physical capabilities and constraints before participating in any Old Boys Collegians programme or event.

Once services are confirmed you are then committing to ensure payment is made in a timely manner.

From time to time photos/videos will be taken by officials. If you prefer not to give permission for this please contact us

Database information will be used by Old Boys Collegians to compile a membership list for communication. We may be requested by various organisations to have access to the members list for the purpose of mailing out related information. If you wish for your details not to be passed on, please contact us.

Old Boys Collegians Cricket Club has a “No Pay, No Play” policy. Please also note refunds can only be given prior to the start of the first game of the season and will incur an admin fee up to $40 per refund.

All players, umpires, managers, coaches, parents and spectators should: • Respect the rules • Respect the officials and accept their decisions • Respect the opponent • Have a concern for equal opportunity • Be gracious winners and dignified losers

AS PLAYERS • Co-operate with others and treat them with respect • Have fun, develop your own skills while accepting your limits • Know the rules and don’t cheat • Accept the Umpire’s decision without dissent, even if you do not think they are right • Don’t use coarse language

AS PARENTS AND SPECTATORS • Never force children to participate – only encourage • Don’t achieve your dreams by pressurising a child • Talk to your child/player in an encouraging way. Are they having fun? • Are they learning that being fair and developing new skills are important? • Do not encroach onto the playing area

Please note: Failure to comply will result in exclusion from the session, temporary initially or permanently for repeat offences for the benefit of others.